Simply Talented
About Us

We strongly believe that we can improve the quality of your recruitment every day.
We aim to create an excellent candidate experience, understand their needs better, and provide your company
with the best matching talent. We are building trustworthy relationships with candidates and employers.

By trusting us with your recruitment, you gain the following:

flexibility adapted to your recruitment needs

dedicated recruitment partner

access to our knowledge

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We want to be seen as your company's first natural choice when recruitment plans appear.

We strongly believe that recruitment cooperation is the future!

We work with start - up's and small companies

helping them to grow by building recruitment strategies and procedures and optimizing and supporting recruitment actions.

We support large organizations

by finding suitable candidates brand working with in-house recruiters

Simply Talented
Meet Our Team

13+ Years Of Experience

Karolina Wonchała

Focused and passionate about scaling up businesses with a great interest for people and connecting with them to discuss ideas. Professional challenges I managed in the past provided me with knowledge about business development and the wide field of recruitment.

I believe transparency, diversity, and equality are factors that will make your organisation expand. My motto: ” If your day to day steps inspire others to dream more, become more, to do more and, you are a great person that can change the world and help others grow”.

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Sourcing and Recruitment Consultant
Małgorzata Turczynska
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Strategic Business and Legal Advisor
Rafal Golan
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Head of Delivery
Lidia Wysocka
Simply Talented
Our Values
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We are looking for solutions

to skyrock the business 🙂

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We work smart we automate and we use

the technical solutions to increase the efficiency

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We treat everyone with respect

and we value their opinion

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We communicate well

so both the sender and receiver of the message feel satisfied

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We listen and take the time to understand the needs

of our business partners and people who cooperate with us

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We embrace the differences

which allow us build long lasting relationships