With this very first blog entry we want to welcome you to our blog and simply say hello! 

Our idea about this blog is to create a place where we will share our experiences and thoughts about recruitment, talent management and many aspects that are connectected to those fields.

We hope all of you – recruiters, recruitment managers, hiring managers or anyone who somehow is connected to or passionate about recruitment will find this blog interesting.  

To be honest – it has been very difficult to decide what this very first entry should be about.

We have of course checked “tips and tricks” on how to create your first blog entry but it just didn’t feel right to choose one of the mentioned topics, for exactly this article.

After experiencing a kind of emptiness, an uncontrolled brainstorm started and it brought us to the result to start with a book recommendation!

‘First, Break All the Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently’ by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman.

Why ‘First, Break All the Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently’?

Why in the first blog entry?

Because we simply think it is fantastic and we are fans of  every single idea in it. 

This book will not only provide you with knowledge but also show you how we, as Simply Talented, are looking at recruitment and talent management. 

Why is this book for me?

Because we people are constantly developing and our skillset is evolving, changing jobs every 4-6 years has become a norm. This means that all of us will find ourselves several times in both positions – as job seeker / employee or recruiter / hiring manager ( or many different roles of course) 

The point is to recognize my talent and consciously lead my own career as an employee/ as a person or to recognize my employees  talents and create the right options for my team as a hiring manager. 

Right, means not always the way up in the traditional understanding of a career path… but the topic of career paths is so fascinating that we will definitely give more attention to it, in our next entries 🙂

Book vs Hiring Manager

Now, let’s go back to the book.

What are the biggest challenges that you – as a Hiring Manager – are facing during the recruitment process and team creation:

  • Time pressure?
  • Not enough suitable candidates?
  • Too high turnover ?
  • Designing career paths?
  • Lack of  engagement?
  • Everything mentioned above or more?


There is always a solution for every challenge (previously known as problem:) so let’s focus on solutions. Here are some you might find in this book:

  1. How to reduce turnover and build a strong organisation?
  2. What does it mean to have a ‘’talent’’ and how is it possible that we all have one?
  3. What is the difference between knowledge, skills and talents and why is this important?


In this book you have all answers – but how is it connected to recruitment? 

Well, in our opinion, recruitment is a strategy that should coexist with the company culture.

It is not just finding a new colleague or a replacement for somebody that has left. 

Recruitment is finding the best match.

The best person with the right combination of personality and talent who will add value to your organisation and become your promoter. 

If you are  a recruiter, this book will help you to understand what a talent is and how to ask the right questions to find it.

It is maybe not something very new but, we think, still very undervalued.

Summarizing – this book can give advice and guidelines for both employees / job seekers and employers.

What you – as an employee – can find in it, is inspiration and advice on what to ask your(self and your) employer to succeed in your job and to find your path to a career that will lead to your personal success and not to burnout or a feeling of failure.

What you – as an employer – can find in it, is guidelines and inspiration on how to lead your business to great success  through the most important asset of every organisation – your employees.

So let me know how many of you have already read this book? 

It would be wonderful if many 🙂

Let’s start

Send us a message whether you are thinking of a career change, looking for exceptional talent or just would like to meet for a coffee and chat.

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