7 tips how to make your job ad more attractive

Why is your job ad important? 

It is a way – often the first point of contact – for presenting your company and attracting future employees.                                                          Here, we present some points to consider in order to make it more effective and representative:

      1. Make it easy to read

Your job ad should have the info your candidate is interested in but make it simple, compact and clear. No one will go thru an ad that is long and complicated – even if you feel the need to provide all the necessary info to the candidate – use you career site for more info, your job add as the ‘’trigger’’

      2. Avoid clichés 

Be precise in the description. Every expression you choose carries connotations and deeper meaning.  Don’t use expressions that don’t mean anything or are very general:

Happy to work in a fast-paced environment                                                                                                              Excellent interpersonal skills                                                                                                                                        Great organizational skills                                                                                                                                            Competitive salary                                                                                                                                                          Able to think outside of the box

      3. Talk about your company culture

It is simple – present who you are and what is important for you, use your EVP

      4. Describe your company’s ‘’lifestyle’’/ include alternative benefits

Are you sure you have presented all your benefits? 

Fruits, lunches, insurance, learning budget etc. are very nice benefits but there is more that can be considered as a benefit – e.g. according to our survey people really appreciate not wasting time on unnecessary meetings 

Find your own details that turn out to be attractive for employees. You can find some examples and inspiration here

      5. Be honest

Don’t copy but write.

Personalize your ad, present the real company environment – even if it’s not perfect, be personal and address directly people you are looking for.

      6. Avoid impossible job descriptions

Yes, we know everyone is looking for the perfect hire but a key to success can be focusing on the potential and not only the experience.

If your requirements are too detailed and the list is simply too long it can scare away candidates – not because they are not qualified but simply because people tend to underestimate their abilities.     

      7. If you are creative – show it 

Don’t be afraid of doing something totally different. if you have ideas for an original and surprising job ad – go for it. By doing so you can not only target a group of people but also find candidates with a similar attitude or mindset.

Check here for inspiration.

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