The iGaming industry in Malta has been experiencing an explosive growth, offering a plethora of opportunities for professionals from around the world. For Polish professionals eyeing these opportunities, making the move might seem daunting, but with the right guidance, it can be a smooth transition. Here’s a guide to help you navigate through the Maltese job market, understand the relocation process, and get insights into living conditions on this beautiful island.

In April, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) reported an unprecedented surge in users on gaming platforms licensed in Malta during the first six months of 2022, noting 1.56 million registered players. This signifies a 15.8% rise in active player accounts compared to the previous year, a shift they believe was prompted by the pandemic’s push towards online entertainment.

Malta, often hailed as the iGaming hub of Europe, boasts several prominent players in the industry. Leading the pack in revenue is Betsson Group with a whopping €1.2 billion. Close on its heels is Evolution Gaming, generating about €1.0 billion. Kindred Group and LeoVegas follow suit, garnering revenues of €0.9 billion and €0.8 billion respectively. NetEnt, with its renowned gaming solutions, brings in €0.6 billion. Meanwhile, Genesis Global Limited marks its presence with €0.5 billion. Mr Green & Co AB stands at €0.4 billion, and not far behind is the Gaming Innovation Group with €0.3 billion in revenue. 888 Holdings and Red Tiger Gaming round out the top 10 list with revenues of €0.2 billion and €0.1 billion, respectively.

These firms not only contribute significantly to Malta’s economy but also set industry standards and trends globally.

1. Understanding the Landscape of Malta’s iGaming Industry

Malta, aptly coined the “iGaming Capital of Europe”, has carved a distinctive niche for itself on the global gaming map. With a staggering presence of over 300 gaming companies, this Mediterranean gem has evolved into a pulsating hub for iGaming enthusiasts. But, with such a vast expanse, where does one start? Whether your passion lies in the heart of online casinos, the adrenaline of sports betting, or the intricate world of software development, Malta’s iGaming landscape is vast and varied, requiring keen insight and strategic direction for optimal career navigation. Keyword-driven research can help you unearth more about your chosen niche and the top players in that domain.


Harnessing the Power of Job Portals and Professional Networking

In today’s digital age, beginning your job hunt is often just a click away. Platforms like Malta Jobs and Vacancy Centre serve as invaluable gateways into the Maltese iGaming world, offering a curated list of opportunities tailored to various expertise levels. However, while digital platforms provide convenience, the importance of face-to-face networking can’t be overlooked. Malta frequently hosts vibrant iGaming events, conventions, and seminars. Participating in these can catapult your career prospects by directly introducing you to industry stalwarts, thereby expanding your professional network. Additionally, leveraging online forums dedicated to iGaming can offer insider perspectives, market trends, and unadvertised job openings.

Websites such as Malta Jobs and Vacancy Centre are good places to start. Moreover, attending local iGaming events or joining online forums can give you an edge by expanding your network.


The Crucial Role of Specialized Recruitment Agencies

In a competitive job market like Malta’s iGaming sector, having an ally can make all the difference. This is where specialised recruitment agencies come into the picture. These agencies, with their deep-rooted connections and a keen understanding of the industry, act as bridges between potential candidates and their dream employers. Partnering with such agencies ensures that your resume reaches the right desks, aligning your skills and aspirations with the needs of premier iGaming companies in Malta. Furthermore, these agencies often provide invaluable feedback on resume optimization, interview preparation, and salary negotiation, ensuring that you present your best self to potential employers.

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2. Understanding Relocation to Malta for iGaming Jobs: The Ins and Outs of Packages and Permits

The Allure of Relocation Packages in Malta’s iGaming Industry

Malta, with its thriving iGaming ecosystem, doesn’t just allure professionals with job opportunities. The island nation goes a step further, enticing international talent with comprehensive relocation packages. As the iGaming sector recognizes the value of a diverse workforce, many leading companies have strategically implemented these packages to ease the transition for overseas recruits.

At the heart of these relocation packages are benefits tailored to the unique needs of international professionals. Typically, these encompass coverage for moving expenses – ensuring a smooth shift of your belongings across borders. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Many companies go the extra mile, offering initial accommodation solutions. This provides newcomers with a safe and comfortable space to call home while they acquaint themselves with Malta’s neighborhoods and eventually find a place of their own. Recognizing the importance of cultural immersion and communication, some packages also include language courses. This not only aids in day-to-day interactions but also fosters deeper connections with local colleagues and the Maltese community at large.

Navigating the Work Permit Landscape: Good News for Polish Citizens

The prospect of paperwork, especially in a foreign land, can often be daunting. However, Polish citizens find themselves at a distinct advantage when it comes to employment regulations in Malta. Owing to the overarching EU principles, specifically the freedom of movement for workers, Poles can breathe easy knowing they can work in Malta without the requisite of a specific work permit. This seamless integration, emblematic of the EU’s vision, is a testament to the inclusivity and cooperation between member states.

However, while a work permit might not be on your checklist, there’s another crucial piece of documentation to consider – the e-residence card. Upon securing a job in Malta’s iGaming sector, it’s imperative for Polish expatriates to apply for this card. Serving as a multifunctional identification tool, the e-residence card simplifies various administrative processes, from opening a bank account to accessing healthcare services.

Relocating for a job, especially in a specialised field like iGaming, comes with its set of challenges. Yet, Malta’s proactive approach, manifested through attractive relocation packages and simplified work regulations, eases this transition considerably. For Polish professionals eyeing a career in the Maltese iGaming arena, this combination of professional opportunities and relocation support paints a promising picture.

3. Life in Malta: A Glimpse into the Mediterranean Lifestyle for iGaming Expats

Discovering Home: Diverse Accommodation Options Await


One of the first things that strike a newcomer in Malta is its picturesque landscapes, seamlessly blending the old with the new. Whether you’re a single professional or moving with your family, the Maltese islands have a plethora of housing choices tailored to your preferences. Popular hotspots like St. Julian’s, Sliema, and Gzira are a magnet for expats, especially those associated with the iGaming industry. These locales resonate with vibrancy, offering proximity to workspaces, eateries, and entertainment hubs.

However, living in such sought-after zones comes with a higher price tag. If you’re budget-conscious, fear not. Malta’s versatile housing market has something for everyone. Opting for shared accommodations can be a wallet-friendly choice, promoting camaraderie with fellow expats. Alternatively, exploring locales slightly inland can unveil gems that offer affordability without compromising on the Maltese experience.

Balancing the Budget: Navigating the Cost of Living

Living in Malta, like any other country, requires a strategic understanding of expenses. While it’s true that certain imported luxuries might bear a steeper cost, the overall cost of living remains moderate. Fresh local produce, rich in Mediterranean flavors, is not only delicious but easy on the pocket. Moreover, public transport, boasting connectivity across the islands, and essential utilities are competitively priced, ensuring that your monthly budgets remain balanced.

Immersing in the Maltese Canvas: Culture, Weather, and Activities

Imagine a locale where history whispers through ancient walls, golden beaches beckon, and the sun plays hide and seek only occasionally. That’s Malta for you. The Mediterranean climate ensures you’re soaking in the sun for the better part of the year, perfect for beach outings or historical exploration. As night falls, the islands come alive with bustling nightlife, offering a mix of traditional Maltese events and contemporary parties.

Blending In: The Warmth of Maltese Hospitality

The heart of Malta is its people. Renowned for their warmth and hospitality, the Maltese community welcomes expats with open arms. The linguistic landscape, dominated by Maltese and English, ensures that language isn’t a barrier for Polish expats. To expedite the integration process, diving into local community events or joining expat circles can work wonders. These platforms offer insights into local customs, festivals, and the Maltese way of life, ensuring you quickly transition from feeling like an outsider to an integral part of the community.

Relocating for a profession in iGaming to Malta isn’t just about work. It’s about immersing in a lifestyle, an experience that offers a balanced blend of work and leisure, tradition and modernity. For those considering the move, the islands promise a chapter filled with discovery, camaraderie, and a life under the sun.

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