🌐About Tanium

Tanium, a leader in real-time, cloud-based converged endpoint management, approached us for assistance in recruiting Technical Support Engineers for their new office in Krakow. We discussed a number of strategic positions that the company aimed to fill by the end of the first quarter of the year. Collaboration from the beginning of the project went very well, with the Director of Talent Acquisition closely working with our team, providing detailed information about the type of individuals we were seeking and their competencies, skills, and personalities. This collaboration allowed us to tailor the positions to the applicants’ profiles.

🔍 Proactive Recruitment Steps:

Multichannel Sourcing:

We utilized platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and local Meetup Groups, targeting candidates for the Technical Support Engineer role. This approach involved reaching out to 25 potential candidates daily residing in Krakow.

Network Referrals:

Our extensive network was activated to seek referrals, resulting in a thorough screening process and narrowing down to three potential candidates.

Bot-Assisted Sourcing:

Advanced sourcing bots were employed to enhance efficiency and widen the talent pool.

Additionally, we conducted interview evaluations and technical calls with candidates, submitting to the Recruitment team only those who stood out with a very good technical background.

  • We reviewed 302 applications in four months.
  • Interviewed 151 individuals.
  • Submitted 33 candidates to the client.
  • Hired 5 people.

 💼 The result of our cooperation:

Thanks to our strategic approach, we received five outstanding applications that were successfully hired at Tanium. The entire recruitment process lasted four months, with most hires occurring within the first 21 days of our cooperation.

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