Twinio – Startup and Pioneer in Intelligent #EnergyManagement and #ElectricMobility ⚡🌐


🚀 Twinio, a dynamic tech startup, presented us with an exhilarating mission – to recruit a skilled IONIC Mobile Developer with Angular expertise. The challenge? A scarcity of suitable candidates from their previous recruitment attempts.

🤝 Our collaboration kicked off with a deep dive into Twinio's DNA and cutting-edge products. Crafting the profile of the ideal IONIC Mobile Developer, we synchronized our work ethic and communication style with theirs. We didn't stop there – we polished employer presentations, fine-tuned job ads, and crafted a strategic plan to magnetize top-tier talent.

Result of Cooperation

🌟 In a mere 14 days, we unleashed a lineup of 8 strong candidates, and the magic didn’t end there. One exceptional individual from our curated roster seamlessly joined the Twinio team, bringing their unique brilliance to the table.

Project Information


Twinio Energy


Cracow, POLAND


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