10 Low cost/ no cost recruitment tools, part 1.

Are you the CEO? Do you run a small company that does not have a recruiting team and you do not know how to go about looking for candidates? Read on – you may find some helpful tips.

Based on our experience, we know how important, difficult and time consuming it is to find the right people for your company so today we will share our knowledge about  how to do it effective and within a reasonable budget

How can I compete with larger organizations that have a high budget for recruiting and recruiting teams?

We will divide the heroes of today’s post into two groups: the first 5 are, in our opinion, absolute necessities to organize and carry out the process, while the second group focuses more on building good relationships and the “soft” aspect of HR.

1. Find an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) that suits your needs.

ATS is a real game-changer. The ATS system may have many different functionalities, but their main task boils down to organizing the recruitment process and the candidate database, shortening your time spent on recruitment  and managing all the GDPR consents you need while recruiting

It’s amazing that in one system we can store and arrange hundreds of CVs, place our notes, our ideas and by the way – share them with the whole team. Google docs and spreadsheets are okay, but if you really want to modernize the management of your processes, find your ATS

Depending on how big your company is and what kind of recruitment needs you have you can choose a suitable ATS – it doesn’ t need to cost a lot.

2. Save time on Online Interviews.

A lot has changed in the era of the pandemic … among other things, we appreciated the efficiency and speed of online interviews, and realized how many tools allow us to talk to people even from the other side of the world. Google Meet, Zoom, Teams, Discord … – all these apps not only make us waste less time traveling for meetings, but also make both the candidate and the recruiter feel much more free during the interview due to the fact that interviews can be conducted from the most comfortable place for them. 

3. Shorten the scheduling time with Calendar Automation.

The calendar is, to put it bluntly, absolutely essential. If you prefer an analog form, choose a decent paper calendar to make your work more pleasant.

But scheduling meetings with your candidates can and should be automated. Checking every participant’s availability and finding a common slot can take a lot of time. To shorten this process use e.g. Calendly – an application that synchronizes with your calendar and  the candidate can by one click see your availability and schedule the next interview.

This kind of calendar integration is also available directly from some ATS´s.

4. Be up to date with recruitment trends.

The internet is full of podcasts, webinars, YouTube channels, blogs, LinkedIn profiles, instagram accounts and many other sources from which you can learn from specialists –  but is it possible to spend so much time on being up to date with recruitment? NO.

Is it important to recruit according to the newest trends and rules? YES.

What you can do, is to choose one or two inspiration and knowledge sources and apply your knowledge on the recruitment process to hold the right standard. 

You can try to start with the Linkedin talent blog but explore until you find what is right for you.

Choose your podcast Here


Don’t forget to check our blog and all the tips we are posting on our Linkedin profile 🙂

5. Use Social Media.

SM is the place to show who you are and why people should join your company. 

Communicate constantly why the work you are doing matters, and let the candidate meet the people they will get to work with. It is a powerful tool for building and creating a brand image, as well as building your community.

Give your potential candidates a reason to join!

Statistics and numbers support the thesis that social media can be one of the most effective ways of acquiring candidates. 

Just look at these numbers.                                                                                                                            

There are over a billion users registered on Instagram, 3 billion users on Facebook, of which 74% of them use the application every day.  The largest group are people in the 25-43 age bracket, which is the environment of people looking for their first serious job as well as experienced employees, who excel in managerial and director positions.

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