10 Low cost/ no cost recruitment tools, part 2.

Are you the CEO? Do you run a small company that does not have a recruiting team and you do not know how to go about looking for candidates? Read on – you may find some helpful tips.

Here is the summary of the topics we suggested in part 1. 

  1. Find an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) that suits your needs
  2. Save time on Online Interviews
  3. Shorten the scheduling time with Calendar Automation
  4. Be up to date with recruitment trends
  5. Use Social Media

Let’s take a look at what more you can do about your recruitment.

6. Ask the right questions

An old proverb says “better to ask away than to go astray” – I couldn’t agree more. Communication is the basis of successful work, and the basis of successful communication – is the ability to ask questions and not be ashamed if you don’t know something; getting knowledge from others is a great tool.

The ability to listen and hear what your candidates are saying, will inspire you to ask questions that are important and to the point.

But really – what are “right” questions? 

Right questions are those that are tailored strictly to your needs and to what you want to learn about a potential candidate – what is crucial for you in his personality and skills. A good example would be:

Tell me about the last time your behavior had an impact on your team 

Using the phrase ‘last time’ will motivate your candidate to be accurate and think about a real, precise situation.

By not mentioning what kind of impact you mean it is up to the candidate to choose. This choice will give you even more information about the personality.

To know even more about right questions, check our recent post

7. Feedback

Giving and receiving feedback is the absolute key – currently it is difficult to imagine an efficient recruitment process without it.

Feedback from your candidates is to help improve your processes and make all the necessary amendments to make it more efficient 

When it comes to feedback provided to us by candidates, tools such as Google Forms or SurveyMonkey are very useful, where a candidate for a position can assess how the recruitment process has been carried out, suggest certain changes or improvements.

Also, just a reminder, that the right ATS will allow you to send recruitment surveys directly to candidates.

8. The power of your network

Networking means establishing business relationships in order to cooperate, exchange knowledge and skills. It allows you to make friends not only on a professional but also private basis.

Use your professional network to find talent you need. Post your job opening on your Social Media channels, and let your network share your message. Maybe in this large audience group there is somebody looking for this position, sharing is free.

Let me describe my own situation – I got a job at SimplyTalented thanks to the fact that my friend tagged me under the company’s LinkedIn post. We started working together from word to word. This is a perfect example of the power of networking.

9. Build Sourcing Strategy

Before we start sourcing, planning is essential and extremely important to a successful process. Planning the method and strategy of acquiring candidates and matching this strategy to the role is step number 1.

Start with developing a strategy for who you are really looking for and how you want to do it.

Depending on the position you’re recruiting for, decide what method to apply – job boards (if yes which one), direct search, maybe both, reaching out to universities/ schools, and other …

Sourcing is a continuous operation, and strategy planning should be LONG-TERM to be EFFECTIVE.

When it comes to reaching out directly –  ability to use boolean search / google x – ray properly is a must, also not easy to obtain, but it definitely improves our work and allows us to reach candidates invisible at first glance. We know that the lack of the desired results on the first two pages of Google search can often be discouraging, but believe us, patience pays off and the results may surprise you many times!

10. Referrals

Referrals is basically running a continuous internal recruitment campaign reminding employees that you can recommend friends. The most important thing is to create such working conditions that people would recommend them themselves and not do it only for the recruitment bonus, but because they wholeheartedly recommend working in a given company. 

The referral system is definitely one of the most effective recruitment methods, and its principle of operation is very simple: companies offer employees the opportunity to recommend people from their relatives, friends or acquaintances as potential employees. This gives a good chance that the new employee will stay in the company for a long time, receiving a recommended and proven workplace, and additionally it takes much less time than the usual process of reaching passive candidates. In addition, personal contact between employees and candidates increases the chance that referrals will really fit the company and position.

67 % of employers and recruiters said the recruiting process was shorter and 51% said it was less expensive to recruit via referrals

78% of recruiters claim that  employee recommendations are the best method of building a candidate base. 

Employee referrals have the highest Applicant to Hire conversion rate  – only 7% apply but their conversation rates rank at nearly 40 percent.

* source: Jobvite 

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