Kolorowy pokój. Działania eb skierowane na rekrutację.

8 basic Employer Branding to improve your recruitment

What is EB or Employer Branding and why is it important for your company ?

Employer branding is all about creating a work environment that makes your company the employer of choice and communicating this message externally to reach potential future employees so they receive insights into the work environment and company culture.

What are these activities ?

Here are 10 basic EB activities with which to start building this strategy:

1. Vision mission and values

These are the components necessary to build a company culture where you will want to attract employees. What is your company like, what and why do you do it, what are your values ?

You can find some inspiration on this topic here 

2. Find your EVP (employee value proposition) and USP (unique selling proposition)

Determine together with all employees what they value most in your organization and why they work with you. Start to communicate it inside and outside of your organisation.

3. Show yourself to your future employees.

Knowing your EVP, start showing yourself to your future employees. Communicate who you are and what your organization does. Use Social Media for this, present your company on portals like Glassdoor or employer profiles on job boards.

4. Don’t stop communicating 

Employer Branding is not a momentary, one-time action. It is a strategy for a very long time, and only by doing it regularly will you achieve the goals it is supposed to serve. Stay in touch with prospective employees not only when you recruit, but also build a community around your company continuously.

Read more about why this is important here

5. Review your job ads

It’s the ad that determines whether a candidate will be interested in the offer and the company. The ad should be structured to be a compact advertisement and information about your company.   Always sincere, it should contain information that will interest the candidate and make them see who you are and convince them to apply.  It’s also important to edit the requirements well – too much information in this section might result in discouraging some candidates and fewer applications.

6. Take care of your onboarding

Onboarding is the time when your new employee should find confirmation that the choice they made was the right one.  Gifts and goodies are nice, but not the most important thing. The most important thing is to make your new employees feel that they are welcome, that they have someone to turn to with questions and that this person WILL have time for them, make them feel part of your community.

7. Make your employees your ambassadors

Coffee, fruit, breakfasts, lunches, sports cards, discounts and insurance are just some of the benefits currently offered. They are certainly gratifying, but the most important thing is that your employees feel that they belong to your community, that they are appreciated and their skills and talents are fully utilized and developed. In such an environment people will be engaged and satisfied and this will make them recommend your company as a great place to work. It works.

8. Use the potential  of your career site

A career site is not just a bulletin board, it’s a place where you can showcase your EVP, values, and communicate to candidates what’s important in your company and why it’s important. Show who you are, how you work, what you do in your free time, tell what good your company does – this will attract the right candidates and show them the reasons why to join you. 

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