Recruitment marketing allows you to attract and nurture high-value candidates for your business using typical marketing strategies and tools.

It is a discipline that was born with the idea that companies can outperform their competitors in the race for the best candidates. We are talking about a method that is more developed in markets with low unemployment rates, but is also crucial in Poland, especially for companies that tend to look for specialists in specialized and highly competitive contexts, such as IT, pharmaceuticals, finance, medicine, etc. Being able to rely on the fruits of recruitment marketing is even more important today. 

The development of teleworking has broken down territorial barriers and widened the competition for talent that can also be accessed by companies in other cities, regions, countries, and even continents

What is recruitment marketing?

Recruitment marketing refers to the use of techniques that usually form part of a digital marketing strategy as part of a company’s recruitment process for new employees.

The main objective is to attract, engage and select the best job profiles available in the market. Interested professionals, with specific skills and occupations in high demand, are increasingly cautious when choosing the right company. They are more discerning the culture and reputation of the prospective organization, and being more meticulous when it comes to seeking out the various opportunities available. 

Candidates are becoming more and more like real consumers, it seems that searching for and finding the right job is like making a big purchase, with phases of discovering, approaching and getting to know a new company until it is placed on the list of desired jobs.

It is therefore crucial for recruiters to start thinking like marketers, promoting not only an effectively worded job advert but also organizing talent acquisition strategies to attract the attention of professionals and brand reputation strategies capable of facilitating recruitment.

Recruitment marketing consists of a whole range of tools and strategies, some of which we will outline below. Its ultimate goal is to put the candidate at the center of search and selection activities, in the same way, that marketing and sales departments put the customer at the center of their processes.

What are the recruitment marketing strategies?

The crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has definitely paved the way for the search for remote work and remote interviews, favoring all inbound recruitment activities known as “inbound recruitment”, i.e. those contents andopportunities that raise the company’s status and thus increase  its attractiveness in the eyes of professionals.

Some of the recruitment marketing strategies and activities you can carry out in your company could be the following:

● guides for job seekers
● creative posts with tips and company statements
● training webinars and local events
● dedicated infographics
● storytelling about company activities, putting employees and their
experiences at the heart of management
● video testimonials capable of engaging potential candidates
● fun videos on TikTok from company life

What are the main advantages of recruitment marketing?

It promotes the attraction of committed and valuable talent

Content is king, also in recruitment. The quality of content also plays a key role in recruitment, starting with advertisements, which are still too often overlooked, creating content that is too short or vague. Improving the quality of advertisements significantly increases the number and quality of CVs received. A well-written ad, complete with photos or videos, attracts the attention of users, does not generate confusion and encourages applications.

Strengthening the company’ s reputation, which is a strategic advantage over competitors

Improving the perception of the company as an employer means increasing the quantity and quality of applications received. To achieve this, we need to pay attention to both the relationship with candidates (e.g. through the touchpoint technique mentioned above) and the relationship with employees, who become our most effective brand ambassadors.

Demonstrates the company’ s level of commitment

A good brand reputation combined with a robust recruitment marketing strategy reflects an organisation’s commitment to its people, demonstrating that it cares and values its employees as well as its candidates.

Facilitates analysis and evaluation

If there is one thing digital marketing prizes above all others, it is the ability to collect data to support choices and decisions.This can also be done in recruitment, we just need to choose KPIs that are consistent with our processes and measure them regularly. And it is always better to stick to a few, otherwise we risk the quality of it suffering. Inspiration can come from those we find in the recruitment funnel, such as time to hire or CV source.

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