🚀 Betsys the unrivaled powerhouse in sports betting solutions across Central and Eastern Europe. From prematch and live sports betting to thrilling e-sports and virtual sports, they dominate the game with a comprehensive range of products and services.


🤝 In the early months of 2023, we embarked on a mission with Betsys, playing a pivotal role in recruiting their mobile and core programming teams. The challenge was as dynamic as the world of sports – swiftly sourcing exceptional iOS and Android Senior Developers, along with a PHP Senior Developer proficient in Golang. These positions weren't just roles; they were critical positions, and their vacancies were putting a strain on the company's operations.
💡 Lidia Wysocka, our dedicated recruitment consultant armed with a strategic playbook. Understanding the nuances of the job requirements, she crafted a meticulous recruitment strategy. From setting up project steps to designing the hiring funnel, and choosing the best tools, Lidia left no stone unturned.
🎯 Our goal was to extend offers to selected candidates within four weeks from the kick-off.
🚀We leveraged our vast talent network, we dived into the sourcing and screening processes.
🌐 The Tech Arsenal we used were: LinkedIn and TeamTailor (ATS) partnered with Calendly, ensuring a seamless recruitment process that aligned with the fast-paced world of tech.

Result of Cooperation

🏆After three intense weeks, featuring five to six meetings daily, she introduced a stellar lineup of 10 qualified candidates. Four received job offers, and all of them seamlessly joined the Betsys team.

🌈Lidia’s Wosocka exceptional efforts resulted in a fantastic candidate experience. Applicants not only embraced the current roles but expressed eagerness for future collaborations, showcasing the success of our approach.

👏 A round of applause for Ms. Adrianna Kaczor, Betsys’ HR Manager, a true partner in our journey. Her engagement and dedication made the entire hiring process smooth and swift. She went above and beyond, ensuring the best candidate experience on the client’s side. An HR partner like no other🏆!

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Katowice, Poland and Czech Republic


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