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BeyondPlay is an innovative startup that is building a new product that will redefine the player's experience. The company uses the latest trends and cutting-edge technology to build the product that will reshape the Igaming sector.


BeyondPlay asked us to help them recruit a Senior Rust Developer. The challenge was to find a suitable candidate for the unique niche tech role.


We took the following steps to look for an ideal candidate:

  • Sourcing via different channels: LinkedIn, GitHub, Meetup, and Groups for Rust Developers  we aimed to contact 50 people per day in various European locations
  • Job ads, we made some adjustments on the provided job, and the Customer Success Manager at NoFluff jobs came back to us with some really good advice on how we can improve the job posting. We implemented those adjustments and the job advert started to generate some great results within the first week

Things we tested and then changed on the job ad were:

  • Job title
  • The description of the job requirements
  • information about the company, product, and their recruitment process attracted more applicants

Since we implemented those changes we’ve received 6 solid applications within the first week. We were surprised with this outcome as usually those kinds of roles we are recruiting with the candidates that are being sourced directly.

Result of cooperation:

Within the first week, we managed to get 86 applications across Europe (UK, Malta, Poland, and Spain), we screened 21 and presented to the client 2 applicants, one of them was hired for this position.

The start of the recruitment was on the 5th of January → the end of recruitment was on the 30th → candidate joined the team on the 13th of February. 

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UK, Malta, Poland, and Spain


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