BeyondPlay is an innovative, dynamic, high-tech company that building a new product that will redefine the player's experience.
The company uses the latest trends and cutting-edge technology to develop solutions to reshape the Igaming sector.


BeyondPlay approached us with an exciting mission – they needed our expertise to find a top-tier Senior Rust Developer, and they needed them fast!
🚀 The challenge was thrilling: source a standout candidate for this unique niche tech role within the next 7 days.

Embarking on our quest for the perfect candidate was nothing short of an adventure! 🌐🚀 Here’s the play-by-play of our engaging journey:

🎯 We scoured the tech landscape on LinkedIn, GitHub, Meetup, and specialized Rust Developers groups, reaching out to a whopping 50 individuals daily across different European hotspots.

🤝 We connected with our incredible network, we sought referrals that would lead us to hidden gems in the Rust development world.

🤖 We used cutting-edge sourcing bots, we navigated the digital realm, ensuring no stone was left unturned in our pursuit of exceptional talent.

💼 Crafting compelling job ads, we broadcasted our quest on LinkedIn, Just Join IT, and Glassdoor, casting a wide net to attract the best in the business.

🌐 Our secret weapon? A network teeming with Rust Engineers and Gaming Professionals, enabling us to tap into a pool of unparalleled talent.

Result of Cooperation

In the initial days, we successfully garnered 56 applications from across Europe, covering the UK, Malta, Poland, Bulgaria, and Spain. After a meticulous screening process, we identified 8 promising candidates. Among them, we presented an exceptional applicant to the client, who was subsequently hired for the position.

The recruitment journey commenced on the 26th of July, and the process reached its conclusion on the 28th of July. Following this swift timeline, the selected candidate seamlessly integrated into the team in August. 🚀🌍


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UK, Malta, Poland, and Spain


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