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BeyondPlay is an innovative startup that is building a new product which will redefine the player's experience.
The company uses the latest trends and cutting-edge technology to develop the solution that will reshape the Igaming sector.


BeyondPlay asked us to help them recruit a Senior Rust Developer. The challenge was to find a suitable candidate for the unique niche tech role fast, we set up our recruitment goal to place position - within the next 7 days.

We took the following steps to look for an ideal candidate:

  • Sourcing via different channels: LinkedIn, GitHub, Meetup, and Groups for Rust Developers  we aimed to contact 50 people per day in various European locations
  • Contacting our network to seek referrals 
  • Sourcing with bots
  • Job ads via LinkedIn, Just Join IT and Glassdoor.
  •  We leverage our network of Rust Engineers and Gaming  Professionals to connect with Talents

Result of cooperation:

These steps allowed us to receive 6 solid applications within the first 2 days.
We arranged 8 online screenings and we found one outstanding candidate, who was offered a job just after a technical meeting with the Engineering team.

Within the first few days, we managed to get 56 applications across Europe (the UK, Malta, Poland, Bulgaria and Spain), we screened 8 candidates and presented to a client 1 outstanding applicant who has been hired for this position.

The start of the recruitment was on the 26th of July → the end of recruitment was on the 28th July → a candidate joined the team in August.

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UK, Malta, Poland, and Spain


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