Cubic Telecom provides connected software solutions to over 10 million devices in 190+ countries. They design and develop IoT and software solutions that are used by automotive, agriculture and transportation companies. The company employs 228 people in Dublin.


The company engaged our services to assist with the recruitment of a Fullstack Developer (.NET/Angular) for a remote position based in Poland.
In collaboration with the Head of Talent, we tackled a fresh endeavor for Cubic within a new market.
The challenge encompassed identifying the perfect candidate within a suitable budget and an efficient timeframe.
As a newcomer to the Polish market, Cubic Telcom faced the task of establishing recognition within the IT community. Initially, when our collaboration commenced, the absence of applications impeded the progression of the recruitment process.
We took following steps in this cooperation:

  • We dedicated ourselves to thoroughly familiarizing ourselves with Cubic’s company ethos and work culture, a crucial step in refining our understanding of the ideal candidate we sought on their behalf.
  • To maximize the visibility of the position, we meticulously selected suitable job boards for this recruitment endeavor. In addition, we meticulously crafted a presentation that highlighted Cubic as an employer of choice. Through meaningful dialogues with programmers, this presentation generated increased interest in the company, leading to the emergence of initial referrals from software engineers.
  • We employed a comprehensive approach encompassing various platforms, including job boards and social media, while proactively engaging in an active search on LinkedIn and other platforms like GitHub, Facebook, and Stack Overflow. Our outreach extended to reaching out to approximately 500 individuals each week, further enhancing the scope and effectiveness of our recruitment efforts.

Result of the cooperation

After 3 weeks we presented 3 candidates to the client – 3 applicants passed the recruitment process and 2 got job offers. 

The recruitment process was closed within 4 weeks.

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