Cubic Telecom is the creator of connected software solutions, influencing over 10 million devices across a staggering 190+ countries. Their innovative IoT and software solutions redefine industries, impacting automotive, agriculture, and transportation. With 228 brilliant minds headquartered in Dublin, they are a remarkable example of a cutting-edge software supplier.


💼 In 2022 Cubic Telecom sought our expertise to source a Remote Fullstack Developer (.NET/Angular) in Poland, marking a fresh chapter in their expansion. The challenge? Identifying the perfect candidate within budget constraints and a swift timeframe.
🌍 As Cubic Telecom set foot in the Polish market, we embarked on a collaborative journey with the Head of Talent. Our mission? Establish Cubic as a recognizable name within the vibrant Polish IT community. The initial hurdle? A lack of applications hindering the recruitment flow. 👣 Steps We Took to recruit effectively for Cubic:

🌐 We immersed ourselves in Cubic's work culture, which was a vital step to crystallize our understanding of the ideal candidate.
🚀 Meticulously selecting job boards, we crafted a compelling presentation, positioning Cubic as the employer of choice. Engaging in dialogues with programmers, we sparked initial referrals, breathing life into the recruitment process.
🌟Our comprehensive approach spanned job boards, social media, and an active search on platforms like LinkedIn, GitHub, Facebook, and Stack Overflow. Proactively reaching out to around 500 individuals weekly, we widened the scope and impact of our recruitment endeavors.

Result of the Cooperation

🎉After 3 weeks of synergy, we proudly presented 3 stellar candidates to Cubic. Following a rigorous recruitment process, 3 applicants emerged victorious, with 2 securing job offers.

🌈In a whirlwind 4 weeks, we not only closed the recruitment process but left a lasting mark on Cubic Telecom’s journey into the Polish tech landscape.

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