🌐About Mangopay

Mangopay isn’t your average payment infrastructure provider – they’re the dynamic force fueling transactions for the globe’s biggest and most cutting-edge marketplaces and platforms. Picture Vinted, Chrono24, Wallapop, La Redoute, Rakuten, and a whole lot more. They’re not just in the business of payments; they’re in the business of transforming the way you experience commerce from pay-in to payout ! 🚀

🤝 Collaboration Journey

Mangopay reached out to us in November 2023 seeking assistance in recruiting a Senior Database Administrator, a critical role they had been trying to fill for very long time. The challenge was not only to find a suitable candidate but to do it swiftly. Our mission was to fill this position with the right person as quickly as it is possible.

🔍 Proactive Recruitment Steps:

Multichannel Sourcing:

Leveraged platforms such as LinkedIn, GitHub, TeamTailor, and StackOverflow, and targeted groups for DBAs, reaching out to 20 potentials daily across various Polish locations.

Network Referrals:

Activated our extensive network, seeking referrals that led to thorough screening, narrowing down to 3 potential candidates.

Bot-Assisted Sourcing:

Employed advanced sourcing bots, enhancing our efficiency and widening our talent pool.

 💼 The result of our cooperation:

Thanks to our strategic approach, we have received five strong applications within the initial days of the recruitment campaign. Two candidates were referred by our network, one person was introduced to us from the DBA group, and two other candidates came from a direct search. Following this, we conducted five online screenings. Three candidates were then sent to the client for evaluation, ultimately identifying one exceptional candidate. The whole recruitment process lasted up to 6 weeks.

🎉 Swift Onboarding Success:
Our selected candidate joined the Mangopay team in January 2024, marking the successful completion of the entire recruitment cooperation.

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