Oroox, the trailblazing software developers hailing from Liechtenstein, revolutionizing the manufacturing industry, especially in metallurgy. With their innovative solutions, they’ve left a lasting impact on companies across Western Europe. Nestled in Krakow, Poland, Oroox boasts a dynamic team of about 20 employees, primarily consisting of skilled programmers and a stellar sales force.


💼 In 2021 Oroox initially navigated the recruitment landscape independently, led by their COO. However, challenges emerged, including a lack of structured processes, recruitment tools, and resources dedicated to managing the influx of recruitment needs. Their primary talent sources, referrals and student internships, were limiting.

🚀 Our collaboration started in 2021 was in the RPO model, unfolding in several stages:

  1. 🎯 Needs Identification: We delved deep into Oroox’s recruitment needs, establishing clear priorities.

  2. 🛠️ Hiring Process: Managing recruitment for crucial positions – Fullstack Developer (.NET/Angular+2) and the dynamic Sales Team. We advised on building robust recruitment processes. Our collaborative efforts extended to drafting comprehensive onboarding plans and selecting essential recruitment tools.

  3. 🤝 COO Partnership: Working hand-in-hand with Oroox’s COO, we gained profound insights into their business model, product, technology, and working culture, enabling us to efficiently navigate the recruitment landscape.

Result of cooperation

The hiring of 5 exceptional talents – 2 Fullstack Developers and 3 Sales Specialists, seamlessly accomplished within a swift 4 weeks. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) found its home in Oroox, bringing structure to their recruitment endeavors.

📈 Building Success Pillars:

  • We delivered a meticulously structured recruitment process, complete with an onboarding plan.
  • Valuable feedback from candidates provided Oroox insights into their employer brand, ensuring an even more magnetic pull for future talent.

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