Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS), a dynamic force within Dover Corporation, revolutionizing energy dispensing worldwide. They lead the charge with advanced equipment, electronic automation, payment systems, tank gauging, and subscription solutions for fueling and convenience retail customers across the globe.


💼 In 2022/2023 DFS enlisted our expertise to recruit a Full Stack Developer (.NET/Angular) and a Product Owner. The challenge? Navigating through an influx of low-quality applications that extended the recruitment process.
🔍 We took following steps to create a recruitment process that we used with DFS:
🕵️ We immersed ourselves in the DFS world, understanding the work milieu and culture to envision the perfect candidate.
🌟 The job descriptions underwent a makeover, ensuring they vividly portrayed the role's requirements and expectations.
🚀 We strategically targeted job boards, ensuring our job postings reached the right eyes. From LinkedIn and GitHub to Facebook and NoFluff and JustJoin, we left no stone unturned.
🌐 Leveraging the power of social media, we cast a wide net, ensuring our job ad resonated across diverse platforms.
🤝 The strength of our extensive network came into play, creating additional waves of awareness about DFS's interesting job opportunities.

Result of the Cooperation

🌈 After four weeks of recruiting efforts, we proudly presented five outstanding candidates to DFS. Three exceptional individuals seamlessly completed the recruitment process and two were extended job offers and then joined the team. The entire process, from inception to success, wrapped up efficiently within three weeks.

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