Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS) is part of Dover Corporation and a leading provider of advanced energy dispensing equipment, electronic automation and payment systems, automatic tank gauging and subscription solutions to fueling and convenience retail customers worldwide.


The company enlisted our services to facilitate the recruitment for the roles of a Full Stack Developer (.NET/Angular) and Product Owner. The primary challenge at hand revolved around the influx of low-quality applications, leading to an extended recruitment process duration.
Recognizing the urgency, the Hiring Manager expressed the imperative need for the new hire to swiftly integrate into the team. This was crucial for efficiently distributing the workload among team members.
To help with this recruitment we undertook the following steps:

  • We became thoroughly acquainted with Dover company, comprehending the work milieu and culture to gain a clearer picture of our ideal candidate.
  • Subsequently, we fine-tuned the job advertisement description, ensuring it accurately reflected the role’s requirements and expectations.
  • Strategically, we targeted appropriate job boards to maximize the visibility of the job posting. Our sourcing strategy encompassed diverse avenues, ranging from job boards and social media platforms to actively scouring LinkedIn, GitHub, Facebook, and Stack Overflow.
  • By leveraging the power of social media, we extended the reach of the job ad, ensuring it reached a wide spectrum of potential candidates.
  • In addition to online efforts, we harnessed the strength of our extensive network to create additional awareness about the job opportunity.

Result of the cooperation

After four weeks, we presented five candidates to the client. Out of these, two applicants successfully completed the recruitment process and were extended job offers. The process was efficiently concluded within three weeks.

With Dover Fueling Solutions, we have completed a total of three successful recruitments in August/September 2022.


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