5 Clichés to avoid in a job ad.

We’ve previously talked about how to make your job ad more attractive

However, today I want to be even more precise and tell you about phrases you never should use in your job ad.

The language you choose for your communication is important and it will always have a big impact on how your company will be seen.

Here is a list of 5 cliché phrases you should avoid in you job ad att al cost:

  1. “The fast-paced environment”

Translation – get ready to do whatever is needed regardless your job description 

Candidates may think your working environment is too chaotic or that they might burn out too quickly. Additionally, it’s such an overused work cliché that it might not be very impactful to some.

You might think that this indicates an ‘exciting’ workplace, but to some, but to the candidate it may indicate a stressful environment where the company expects too much from their employees with too little time

      2. “Amazing, fun company culture”

These kinds of expressions are meaningless superlatives that do nothing to describe the company’s function or culture. 

To use the potential of this description, focus on facts, describe your EVP. 

Employees are a company’s greatest brand advocates, so find ways to highlight the workplace culture through testimonials and other positive messages.

  1. “Self-motivation”, “self-starting”, “proactive”

  Translation: We want someone  to know exactly what management wants, without being told. 

Rather than these general descriptors, use the job description to define expectations for the role and establish clear metrics for success in this role.

  1. “Competitive salaries”

Translation: we are going to pay you as little as we can.

This is most often found in job descriptions that pay less than the industry standard and they do not want their job listing to be compared to others or to be seen by current employees. If the salaries are really competitive in your organization, you should be transparent and share it in your description.

  1. A rock star/ninja/wizard, etc.”

These are buzzwords and can narrow your talent pool or implicate messages you’r not even aware of.

Studies show that job descriptions that use this kind of coded language hinder women, minorities, and workers over 40 from applying for a job. The language you’re using throughout the hiring process should be inclusive and encourage anybody capable candidates to apply for the job, no matter their background.

There are great and precis words to use instead

  • Wizard → Expert
  • Ninja → Skilled
  • Self-starter/self-motivated → Ambitious, driven
  • Organizational skills → Methodical, efficient
  • Team player → Relationship builder

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