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What is the service?

Our recruitment packages will allow you to hire your team. You can recruit from 3 up to 10 roles within a year and expand a team in any location in Europe, America and Asia. Your company can save up to 35% on success fee and you can use them any time you want.

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"Your Growth, Our Commitment: Significant savings with every recruit!"
Komputer z danymi statystycznymi na ekranie, lupka w lewym dolnym roku monitora, znaczek ustawień w prawym górnym rogu monitora
Simply Talented
Solutions Tailored to Scale

Discover our customized recruitment packages! Get to know our solutions proven by many companies from all over Europe. Our recruitment packages will save you money and time. It’s so simple.

For the 3-rec package

Invest in Excellence: Save €7,500 on 3 Premium IT Recruitments!

For the 5-rec package

More Recruits, More Savings: Unlock 42,86 % savings with our 5 -Recruitment Package!

For the 7-rec package

Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Costs: Dive into 45,58 % savings on 7 recruitments!

For the 10-rec package

The Power of Ten: Enjoy whopping savings of 52.38% with our Mega 10-Recruitment Package!

More Recruits, more Savings

Unlock up to 52,38% Savings

Who is the service for?

During the recession many companies are looking for savings and individual recruitment costs are expensive. Therefore, if you work for a company that spends its budget wisely, this offer is just for you. Recruitment packages also mean less time you have to spend on determining the details of each recruitment separately, less time spent looking for a recruitment agency and less time on formalities. With Simply Talented it's that easy. One contract for many cooperations. This pays off. Invest the time and money you save in whatever you want.

Why Simply Talented?


We are an effective team that can help you hire fast with the best talent.

Grafika przedstawiająca rysunkową kobietę na tle CV, obrazek jest biało niebieski


With extensive experience and expertise in the iGaming and IT field, we have assembled a team of  best professionals.


Our effectiveness extends to recruiting for various positions across different locations, ensuring seamless and successful outcomes.

Unlock Long-Term Success

99% of candidates recruited by Simply Talented stay longer than 6 months in companies we worked with. We deliver high-quality candidates.

Maximize Efficiency

Sourcing candidates is the most time-consuming process in recruitment on average 13 hours a week. We are sure you have better ideas on how to utilize 52 hours a week of your employees.

Cut Your Time-to-Hire in Half

The average time-to-hire is between 36 and 50 days - Simply Talented can reduce this time by 50% offering dedicated resources for your hiring process.

Empower your Business

We provide flexible talent management solutions at a reasonable price.

Benefits of working with us​

Effective and fast recruitment process

Access to great talent and best professionals

Our packages will allow you to save up to 50% on your success fee

Time to hire up to 20 days

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